Sore skin & nappy rash – Causes and top tips

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Why do babies get nappy rash?

Babies’ skin is much thinner, more delicate and therefore more sensitive than adults’ skin. As there isn’t much air that can get inside the nappy, it becomes a warm, humid environment. The urine and stool inside can also irritate the skin, especially if it comes into contact with the skin for long periods. Lots of disposable nappies are bleached in chlorine and contain plastic, irritating skin and even leading to allergies. Nappies also rub the same areas of the skin, causing redness and inflammation.

Zinc oxide as a healing compound

Zinc oxide is a well-known, tried-and-tested compound which protects the skin. Zinc oxide products are effective for combating weeping, reddened skin as they are antiseptic and encourage the healing process.

Zinc oxide: tried and tested

  • Antiseptic
  • Encourages the healing process
  • Absorbs moisture
  • ZinCream Medinova®cream

    Top tips for preventing, treating and caring for sore bottoms

    Even if you are extremely careful, sometimes you still can’t prevent nappy rash. The diet of the breastfeeding mother is even occasionally named as the cause, but this information is outdated, as we now know that neither citrus fruit nor fizzy drinks are transferred into breast milk, as is often alleged.

    Please note: if your baby’s bottom still becomes red, you should react as soon as possible. If your baby has inflamed skin, it will become susceptible to bacteria and fungi, and so it should quickly be treated with a medicinal cream containing zinc oxide.

    ZinCream Medinova® cream – a household and travel bag staple


    ZinCream Medinova®, a hydrophilic cream, is easy to rub onto irritated, weeping skin and can be washed off with water without causing aggravation. ZinCream Medinova® can also absorb a lot of liquid and lets skin breathe so it can heal faster.

    Zinc oxide products are available as creams, ointments or balms. The difference lies in the ratio of zinc oxide to water and oil. If irritated skin is weeping, as can be the case with nappy rash, using a hydrophilic (water-friendly) product is recommended, as these kinds of products can even stay on damp skin and absorb a lot of liquid (such as urine or wound discharge), but can still be gently washed off with water.

    Where to find ZinCream Medinova

    ZinCream Medinova® is available in pharmacies in Switzerland.


    ZinCream Brochure

    We have also summarized all the important information on this page for you again as a practical flyer.

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